by RAFE ARNOT, October 12, 2017

Big systems can be difficult to curate components for, especially ones where you have massive, multi-driver speaker arrays with complex crossovers that can soak up a lot of efficiency. Loudspeakers around 88-90 dB need higher power/current amplifiers to drive them with real dynamics. So if you’re a speaker manufacturer, and your designs are of the big, multi-driver type, you need to make sure your customer base is aware of the power requirements, or you could just build and design the whole system chain of components, which is what Flemming E. Rasmussen of Gryphone Audio has done over the years. CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE REVIEW

by JEFF FRITZ, March 1, 2017

Who knows why we become enamored of certain material things? A particular automobile may “speak” to us on some level even before we drive it. We know it’s the right SUV for us because, mysteriously, it aligns with our views on, well, SUVs. And often, when you finally get behind the wheel, the act of actually driving it for the first time becomes a self- fulfilling prophecy. And you buy it. Those who market products know this all too well, and their job is to make create that connection between product and buyer so that the latter vigorously seeks out the former. CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE REVIEW

by SRAJAN EBAEN, June 2016

Do you self medicate to attain ultimate playback health? Then there will be temtation galore. And despite possibly heroic commitment to these four (horsemen of the apocalypse?), you may never be certain that you've in fact arrived. For assurance, best consult a proper audio doctor; one designer whose perspective on total hifi matches your own. From him, commit to a complete system, front to back. Only that avoids dilution and compromise. Yield to an expert. Enter Gryphon of Denmark. CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE REVIEW